AH Arts is a multi-channel arts platform presented by Alixandra Hornyan Holloway with the commitment to supporting emerging artists by presenting curated two person shows in pop-up exhibition spaces, online and in non-traditional outlets. In assessing what a gallery could be in the 21st Century, AH Arts builds on Seth Siegelaub's 1969 model of a dematerialized space, and envisions space not just in physical terms but as a flexible ideology. AH Arts therefore utilizes the tools and technologies of our time to enable artists addressing the social and cultural issues of our time to realize their ideas without limitations. So it is with a New York lens and global reach that AH Arts aims to create context, conversation and access to complex contemporary work that is inherently variable, dynamic, and extremely relevant. 

Collaborations welcome. Proposals accepted on a rotating basis. 

SPECIAL THANKS to Tamar Holton-Hinshaw