SUMMER 2015 - LIVE JULY 25, 2015



As part of a series of multidisciplinary works by Patricia Dominguez, "Eres un Princeso" is a two-four channel video project that investigates the relationships between narcotics traffickers, their trophy horses, and the child workers who care for them. Revealing the colonialist roots of these horse-human relationships, originally filmed in the Santa Leticia stable in the Colombian town of Honda during a residency at FLORA ars+natura in Nov. 2013, this new video iteration has been re-envisioned for online exhibition and will be accompanied by a special edition of the companion book, The Eyes will be the Last to Pixelate (Edition of 5 +2 AP). From the initial introduction of Spanish horses to the Americas, Patricia traces and deconstructs these relationships, presenting the physical and emotional closeness, and the tension of obligation that these adolescents develop through everyday actions such as grooming and training, visualized amidst opulent palms.

This piece is a continuation of Patricia's desire to track, modify, and imagine the genealogy of the relationships between humans and other living beings in the 21st Century. "Eres un Princeso" is a culmination of her longstanding anthropological research, and her experiences at residences with Center Matadero (Madrid 2015), FLORA ars+natura (Columbia 2013), the Institute of Critical Zoologists (Singapore 2012), the American Museum of Natural History (New York 2011), as well as the natural interventions she has sought out from her hometown of Santiago, Chile.